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Terramay, Alandroal

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Key activities: Cattle (cows, sheep, poultry), fruit growing, cereal production, cork, wild mushrooms, tourism, water activities;

Location: Alandroal, Évora
Client: Private
Date: 2019-20
Extension: 560Ha

Regenerative agriculture farm, focusing on the development of various economic activities, such as the production and processing of fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and organic / bio seeds , regenerative meat and various tourist activities, reconciling these different aspects in the context of regenerative agriculture and ecological restoration, with a view to the creation of an agricultural model that is ecologically diverse, socially just, integrated and cost - effective!

It was a very dedicated and intense 12-month process, with project development on 4 fronts:

  • Technical maps and drawings;

  • Budget - Business plan;

  • Implementation and maintenance table / schedule;

  • Support in several legal processes (Agroforestry, PDR, Edia, etc.);


Herdade do Nicolau, Serpa

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Sustainable / regenerative forestry project, hunting and landscape regeneration.


Location: Vales Mortos, Serpa,

Client: Private

Date: 2019

Extension: ~ 500Ha

Endiabrada, Aljezur

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Agriculture project, food autonomy and ecological regeneration.

Location: Endiabrada, Aljezur

Client: Private

Date: 2019

Extension: 28Ha

Awakeland, Portimão

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning


Structural Planning and Post-Fire Emergency Plan: general hydraulic system, dams and articulated terraces with a view to hydrating the landscape.

Location: Senhora do Verde, Portimão

Client: Private

Date: 2015-16

Extension: 20 Ha.


Monte Verde, Aljezur

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Eco-tourism, food autonomy and ecological regeneration project

Location: Alfambras, Aljezur

Client: Private

Date: 2018

Extension: 2Ha

Centro Ecológico das Arroteias

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Arroteias Ecological Center
Forest production, eco tourism, regenerative agriculture

Location: Macieira de Sarnes, Oliveira de Azeméis

Client: Private

Date: 2017

Extension: 3.5 Ha.


Eco-Hotel Etosoto, Sesimbra

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Eco-Hotel, Ecological regeneration, hydration of the landscape, forest management and mixed fruit

Location: Cabo Espichel
Client: Private
Date: 2017
Extension: 152 Ha.

Quinta in Paúl, Fundão

Intervention planning & implementation

Spring requalification and riverside regeneration

Location: Paúl, Covilhã

Client: Private

Date: 2012

Extension: 1 Ha.

Community Forestry Project in Rio de Mel, Coimbra

Rio de Mel village and surrounding areas


Planning and framing of several key activities in the local ecosystem + 7Ha reforestation planning with the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa award.  

Location: Rio de Mel, Oliveira do Hospital

Client: Community

Date: 2018

Extension: Approximately 700 Ha. (General plan) + 7Ha (Project 2019)

Vale do Junco, São Luis

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Ecological regeneration, hydration of the landscape, forest management and mixed fruit

Location: São Luis, Odemira

Client: Private

Date: 2017-2018

Extension: 54 Ha.

Monte Selão Novo, Luzianes

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Regenerative Structural Planning Structural project, whose main focus was the definition of accesses integrated with dams, in order to capture and store water on the surface.  



Location: Luzianes, Odemira

Client: Private

Date: 2016

Extension: About 50 Ha.

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Quinta Ha, Loulé

Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

Quinta Ha

Ecological landscaping, mixed orchards and biomass management

Location: Vale Telheiro, Loulé

Client: Private

Date: 2017

Extension: 1.7 Ha.



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